Fun Fact Friday

In 1960, 59 percent of American adults aged 18-29 were married. Today, only 20 percent are married. 

Dessert at the Beach

Some couples are choosing a different route than the traditional tiered wedding cake.

Real Wedding: Emily & Matt

Photography courtesy of Emily Troutman Photography

Fun Fact Friday

Did you know 16 percent of proposals occur in December?

Unique Guestbook

Gone are the days of the traditional guestbook.

Real Wedding: Meghan & Wade

Photography courtesy of Mason Photography

Favorable Parties

Who doesn't love a gift with thought behind it? Here's a way to thank your chosen few for standing by your side as you say, "I do!"

Latest Ideas

View our collection of ideas — from getting into shape to simple crafts that add a personal touch to your wedding — there’s something for every occasion.